Да разгледаме диалога във влака...

Maggie: Excuse me, is it okay if I sit here?

Стартирайте звука от бутона по-долу:

William: Sure, go ahead.

Maggie: Thanks.

William: Can you tell me whether you are American?

Maggie: Yes, I am.

William: Oh, me too. Are you on vacation?

Maggie: No, I’m working here for a few months.

William: You’re kidding – so am I. Do you mind telling me what you do?

Maggie: I work for the National Bank. Pretty boring, huh?

William: Oh, no. I mean, a job’s a job. ... But you like London, right?

Maggie: Er, to be honest, I can’t stand it – especially the weather.

William: Oh yeah, the weather’s terrible. But I love London.

Maggie: How long have you been here?

William: Oh, not long – a few weeks. How about you?

Maggie: The same. What are you doing here?

William: I’m an artist, and I was asked to bring over some of my work to a small gallery just near here. I’ve just had my first exhibition there.

Maggie: Wow – that is impressive.

William: Thanks – so where are you from?

Maggie: I’m from California – Santa Barbara.

William: You’re kidding – so am I! Don’t tell me you went to Rivers High.

Maggie: Yes, I did – but I wasn’t a very good student.

William: Me neither. What year did you graduate?

Maggie: Um, 1989.

William: Oh, that’s weird, me too. Can you tell me if you remember Mrs Jodd?

Maggie: Oh, the math teacher? Sure. She was horrible!

William: She’s my mom.

Maggie: Oh.

А сега отговорете на следващите въпроси с Вярно или Невярно

One of the people is on vacation.

The woman doesn’t like London.

The man owns an art gallery.

Mrs Jodd graduated in 1989 from Rivers High.

The man and the woman don’t have anything in common.